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Production Management & Resource/ Talent Scheduling

Teamium® is specifically designed to address today’s Media Entertainment industry challenges in an ever-evolving environment where the need for content anywhere, anytime on multi-platforms, optimized human and technology resources and minimized costs is essential. Teamium® provides a comprehensive system to manage a range of advertising and branding content production compliant requirements.

The Solution

Live Production

Sync up all your production team through all connected devices with a real time call sheet. IP Production ready for virtual resource production management.

Ad Agencies

Scaling across the enterprise, the Teamium Platform integrates and maps bidding and pricing compliance mandates and controls in a central framework, thereby simplifying vendor and consultant compliance management and monitoring.


Embed in your production folder all the media required to complete your job.


Speed up your planning management with Program module, which allows you to book recurrent show, sport venue and production.

News Production

Streamline procurement of outside service to get your story live sooner.


Enable true collaboration in the production process. Facilitate specific equipment tracking. Optimize asset management through all phase of the VR/AR production.

The Unique tool to swift shift to cloud-based infrastructure

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Schedule personnel and facility infrastructure. Manage procurement with suppliers.
Create freelances contracts. Provide managed access for a truly interactive planning process.

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CRM Resource Mgmt

Teamium® tracks all customer information and interactions in one place. Automate all sales processes and grow your pipeline.

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Financial dashboard

For each project, the Teamium® Financial dashboard provides quick access to relevant budget information. Get an aggregate of costs and expenses while tracking budget performance.

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Collaborative application

Teamium® can connect all relevant departments within your company, establishing a robust, standardized work process focused on optimizing business activities.

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Teamium® eliminates installation headaches while the User Experience focuses on minimized implementation and adoption time. Just subscribe to the package that fits your organization.

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Teamium® is designed as a scalable and flexible solution, persistent across any popular device, allowing you to manage productions from your home, office or on the go.


Project / Work Order
Quotation / Invoices
Inventory management
Personnel booking


Project / Work Order
Quotation / Invoices
Inventory management
Personnel booking
Supplier procurement


For more than 25 users, Teamium® may be custom tailored for your specific needs. Contact us for further discussion.

About us
Our founders bring over two decades of experience providing software solutions for content creators with a focus on production planning, production management and cost management for advertising agency production transparency, broadcasters, production service providers, VR/AR production companies, and enterprise brand content studios.
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